Set yourself apart. Let us build you a website that will grow your business by 20% this year. Call us, even if you don’t believe it’s possible and we’ll prove it in 60-minutes or less.

Many business owners struggle to acquire new and profitable business consistently. They are not expert marketers so they rely on referrals and word-of-mouth advertising. Since you can’t directly influence the quality of referral business you get, or if you will get a referral at all, you may often end up with less than ideal customers.

Businesses without a battle-tested marketing system are forced to deal with nearly every referral they get where very few of them are their ideal customers. You can earn a living working only referrals, but it’s tough to grow at your full potential without a steady supply of new highest quality selling opportunities.

There is no doubt word-of-mouth works when you do outstanding work and treat your customers right. What if I told you that you get word-of-mouth advertising on steroids? Imagine your email box lighting up and your phone ringing off the hook with a steady stream of qualified selling opportunities begging for your service. Visualize feeling comfortable knowing that you can ultra selective and exceed your targets by only working with your ideal customers. The ones that you enjoy servicing most.

If not now, when will it be time for you to take control of your marketing and technology and grow your business at its maximum potential, in a way that produces a better quality of life for you and your staff?

Partner with an agency that understands what it takes to make your marketing and technology work for you.

The Kevco Technology team is a one-stop-shop. We are native US-based professional designers, developers, marketers and IT professionals who live and work in the Greater Houston area. With decades real-world small and medium-sized business management experience we know how to deliver a product that will exceed your expectations.

We’ve walked miles in shoes like yours. After serving hundreds of businesses of all sizes across many different verticals, we know how to optimize each step of your marketing and sales process and deliver results that are in your best interest. We are not looking for a one-off sale. We are interested in forming lifelong partnerships with good clients. 

We understand how to create common sense and sustainable marketing strategies, customized for your business, that will help you grow even when the economy is facing uncertainty…even when your competitors are shuttering, you’ll be growing steadily.

Don’t delay. It’s costing you money, time and energy. The problem is 92% of small businesses predict that they will have a website by the end of 2018. That means as more of your competitors understand the need for a having a productive website it becomes a business imperative for you to adopt marketing and technology best practices if you want to remain competitive.

The solution is to contact us and let’s begin a conversation about how we can help you become more competitive, earn more clients and earn a higher profit on each deal. Don’t expect high pressure sales. We are either a good fit or we are not. We realize we can’t help everyone and that is okay. Let’s take a few minutes and find out.


Kevin Avara
Owner, Kevco Technology


Kevin Avara, CEO

Kevin is Kevco’s resident technology expert. He is a network administration and information technology specialist. Kevin has 20-years of sales, management and business operations experience. He has deep understanding of QuickBooks.  

Jeffery Powers, COO

Jeffery is Kevco’s resident marketing and advertising expert.  He is a writer, marketer, programmer and designer by trade. He has 20-years experience in sales, management, and operational business process improvement


Network management

We design, build, install, and maintain commercial information technology network and network security systems of any size or level of sophistication.

Advertising management

We develop, design, and optimize offline and digital marketing campaigns including custom lead generation, PPC, organic search marketing, local search marketing, social media advertising, re-targeting, content marketing, email marketing and more.

Email management

Whether you have 5 or 5,000 business email boxes, we will help identify a solution, set it up, and maintain it in a way that fits within your workflow requirements and budget.

Customer experience optimization

We identify, implement, and configure Customer Relationship Management software that fits with your budget and workflow and integrates as seamlessly as possible into your other software systems to give you complete control over your business.

Business optimization

We can help you empower the people, systems, processes, and technology that drive your business forward so that you can unlock your full potential.

Web design & development

We design, build and maintain custom websites based on popular content management platforms like WordPress. We can also develop standards compliant mobile and web applications based on your requirements.

What you can expect from us

Technology right-sized

The newest technology is not always the best option. Enterprise systems aren't the best fit for smaller size businesses. We take a look at your workflow and provide a best-fit technology solution that works with your budget and requirements.

Budget friendly

We are not the cheapest are we not the most expensive. We offer luxury-grade service at an economical price tag. We ensure you get reliable solution-oriented service that is budget-conscious.

Become empowered

We are not your traditional consultancy or agency. We will quickly become your lifelong marketing partner. Your Kevcotek team is who you can rely upon to help you intelligently drive down costs, continually increase revenue, and make your business more organized, efficient and productive.

Painless process

We are friendly, easy to work with, and genuinely focused on helping you solve your most significant business problems by providing the most straightforward and most practical solutions.

Experience and knowledge

Kevco has 30-years combined experience solving meaningful sales, management, operational, design, and technology challenges for businesses of all sizes, across a vast array of verticals. While each company has it's own intricacies, take heart knowing you are in good hands with Kevco Technology.

Trust and credibility

Reach out, and you'll quickly discover why many small and medium-size business trust Kevcotek. Our priority is to foster a healthy, positive, solution-oriented relationship with our client partners.


Experience how much more pleasant and profitable your business and life can be with Kevcotek as your operations, technology, and marketing partner.