we will focus on your business technology allowing you to focus on your business?

Let us help you prep the launch pad for blast off by utilizing optimal business technology solutions leaving fuel in the tank to build your business


Business Optimization

We’ll analyze your business and create a simple step-by-step plan to help you reach your business objectives. Through a processes of continual improvement we’ll help you reach optimal efficiency and maximum profitability in the shortest amount of time possible. 


Technology Optimization

Put wind in your sales with end-to-end customer experience optimization from acquisition through referral. Maximize your efficiency by utilizing the latest technology that will help your business thrive.  Kevco will use your business optimization strategy and make your technology work for you rather than you working for your technology.


Kevin Avara, CEO

Kevin is Kevco’s resident technology expert. He is a network administration and information technology specialist by trade. Kevin has 20-years of sales, management and business operations experience. He has deep understanding of accounting and project management business technology.  He will focus on your business technology so you can work on your business.


Network Management

We design, build, install, and maintain commercial information technology network and network security systems of any size or level of sophistication.

Customer Experience Optimization

We identify, implement, and configure Customer Relationship Management software that fits with your budget and workflow and integrates as seamlessly as possible into your other software systems to give you complete control over your business.

Email Management

Whether you have 5 or 5,000 business email boxes, we will help identify a solution, set it up, and maintain it in a way that fits within your workflow requirements and budget.

Business Optimization

We can help you empower the people, systems, processes, and technology that drive your business forward so that you can unlock your full potential.

Web Design & Development

We design, build and maintain custom websites based on popular content management platforms like WordPress. We can also develop standards compliant mobile and web applications based on your requirements.

What you can expect from us

Trust and Credibility

Reach out, and you'll quickly discover why many small and medium-size business trust Kevcotek. Our priority is to foster a healthy, positive, solution-oriented relationship with our clients.

Technology Sized-Right

The newest technology is not always the best option. Enterprise systems aren't the best fit for smaller size businesses. We take a look at your workflow and provide a best-fit technology solution that works with your budget and requirements.

Budget Friendly

We are not the cheapest are we not the most expensive. We offer luxury-grade service at an economical price tag. We ensure you get reliable solution-oriented service that is budget-conscious.

Experience and Knowledge

Kevco has 30-years combined experience solving meaningful sales, management, operational, design, and technology challenges for businesses of all sizes, across a vast array of verticals. While each company has it's own intricacies, take heart knowing you are in good hands with Kevco Technology.


Experience how much more pleasant and profitable your business and life can be with Kevcotek as your operations, technology, and marketing partner.