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Frustrated BY your business TECHNOLOGY OR MARKETING?

Let us help you prep the launch pad and blast off with intelligent business optimization services and practical marketing management.


Business Optimization

Dump the dead weight with intelligent and practical business optimization to improve efficiency and achieve optimal productivity. Reduce unnecessary expenses and minimize double-work. Improve workflow, enhance company morale and foster a culture of continual improvement.


Digital Marketing Services

Put wind in your sales with end-to-end customer experience optimization from acquisition through referral. Maximize your highest quality selling opportunities with lead generation and word of mouth advertising on steroids. Improve customer experience to foster referrals and positive reviews to strengthen brand image and loyalty. Achieve stable recession-proof growth.


Business optimization

We can help you empower the people, systems, processes, and technology that drive your business forward so that you can unlock your full potential.

Email management

Whether you have 5 or 5,000 email boxes we will help identify a solution, set it up, and maintain it in a way that fits within your workflow requirements and budget.

Web design and development

We design and build and maintain custom websites based on popular content management platforms like WordPress or more sophisticated custom web applications including mobile.

Advertising management

We develop, design and optimize any type of digital or offline marketing campaign including custom lead generation, PPC, organic search marketing, local search marketing, social media advertising, retargeting, content marketing, email marketing and more.

Network Management

We design, build, install, and maintain commercial information technology network and network security systems of sizes and levels of sophistication.

Customer experience management

We identify, implement and configure Customer Relationship Management software that fits with your budget and workflow and integrates seamlessly as possible into your other software systems to give you complete control over your business.

What you can expect from us


Technology right-sized

The newest technology is not always the best option. Enterprise systems aren't the best fit for medium-size businesses. We take a look at your workflow and provide a best-fit technology solution that works with your budget and requirements.


Budget friendly

We are not the cheapest are we not the most expensive. We offer a good mix of value and price to ensure you get reliable and budget-conscious solutions.


Become empowered

We are not your traditional consultancy or agency. We are your lifelong partner. Your Kevcotek team is who can rely upon to help you intelligently drive down costs, continually increase revenue and generally make your business more organized, efficient and productive.


Painless process

We are friendly, easy to work with, and genuinely focus on helping you solve your biggest problems by providing the simplest and most practical solution.


Experience and knowledge

We have 30-years combined experience solving meaningful sales, management, operational, design and technology problems for businesses of all sizes, across a vast array of verticals. While each business has it's own intricacies, take heart knowing you are in good hands.


Trust and credibility

Reach out and you'll quickly find out why much medium-size business trust Kevcotek. Our first priority is to foster a strong, positive, solution-oriented relationship with our client partners.

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